Stage Step Tap Mats


Tap Mat

3' x 5' 30 Lbs

$125.00 plus shipping.
5mm (.20") thick.


Tap Mat

4' x 6' 35 Lbs

$250.00 plus shipping.

9mm (.35 in.) thick.

New Bamboo Rollout Floor with Great Sound for Tap at Introductory Prices.

New portable Tap Mat, a solid bamboo rollout slated floor with beveled edge. The quick-growing, environmentally friendly bamboo is grown in cooler regions of the world where the climate freezes for about 2 months out of every year. This freezing causes the bamboo to stop sap production, which leads to slower growth of the bamboo producing much harder, denser, and more durable product.
The bamboo is then natural carbonized and kiln dried to prevent warping and cracking. This heavy-duty, long lasting floor is easy to maintain and comes with its own reusable canvas travel bag.

Available in a professional and student version, both offer a great sound for tap.

Allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.