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Absentee Bid Form for Auction 2014

Print and fill out form and send or fax to:

ATDF Auction c/o ATDF, 154 Christopher Street #2B, NYC, NY 10014 Fax (646) 230-7777

This Form MUST be received by mail no later than Monday, April 7th or dropped off by hand or faxed by 12:00 noon on Friday, April 11th, 2014. If two or more persons bid the same amount, the item will go to the earliest bidder.


A Staff Member will execute your bid for you. The maximum bid will be entered only if bidding reaches that amount. If the absentee bidder’s amount is not reached, the item will go to the absentee bidder for the lowest bid necessary to win the auction, up to, but not exceeding your maximum bid.


Please call Tony Waag at 646-230-9564 or email him at if you have any questions.


Name:     ________________________________________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________________


Phone:    ________________________________ Email:  __________________________________


Please list the items you wish to leave bids on:

  • Enter the description and number of the item from the catalogue
  • Enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item


     Description                                                                            Catalogue #             Maximum $ Amount   


     1.______________________________________      __________            ________________


     2.______________________________________      __________            ________________


     3.______________________________________      __________            ________________


     4.______________________________________      __________            ________________


     5.______________________________________      __________            ________________


     6.______________________________________      __________            ________________


     7.______________________________________      __________            ________________


     8.______________________________________      __________            ________________


Please enter your name and sign:


I, ________________________________, recognize this form as a binding agreement to purchase the

above item(s) at the amount(s) indicated.


Signature ________________________________________________________________________


During the auction there will also be an opportunity to raise money specifically for the Gregory Hines

Youth Scholarship Fund.  I wish to donate to the Fund in the amount of $ _______________