TAP CITY YOUTH CONCERT APRIL 13, 2008


Use this form to order a DVD copy of the April 13, 2008 Tap City Youth Concert at Symphony

Space, $40 per copy (includes postage).  The DVD includes performances of ALL tap classes

but only some of the Youth Ensemble pieces (as per the request of TCYE choreographers).  The

performance was taped by a single camera from the back of the theater.   Payment can be made

by CASH, CHECK, or MONEY ORDER ONLY (no credit cards accepted for DVD order). Check

or money order for $40 per DVD should be made out directly to Cintia ChameckiReturn order

form and payment to your tap teacher or mail to: ATDF, 18 West 27th Street, 6th Fl,New York,

NY 10001.  The videographer will mail the DVD to you.  Please print neatly.


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AGREEMENT (Please sign below):

I understand that the DVD recording of the Tap City Youth Concert is for personal viewing only, and

that the DVD may not be copied, recorded, broadcast, loaded onto the internet, or distributed in any

way.  I understand that TCYE choreography is the property of the choreographers and may not be

taught or performed without written consent of the choreographer and ATDF.



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