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If the answers to your questions are not here or on our web site, don't hesitate to contact us:

General Information, Adult Program & Master Class questions:
Youth Program Director/Pre-Professional Program: Susan Hebach,

Tickets & Box Office info visit: Performances and Events


The New York City Tap Festival
c/o American Tap Dance Foundation
154 Christopher Street, #2B

New York, NY  10014

Phone:   646-230-9564
Fax:   646-230-7777


All Adult Master Classes are held at: The American Tap Dance Center, 154 Christopher Street #2B (between Greenwich and Washington Streets)

All Adult Residencies
are held at: The Center for Flamenco Arts, 4 West 43rd Street, Suite 608 (between 6th & 7th Avenues)

Pre-Professional Program:
American Tap Dance Center, 154 Christopher Street, #2B (bet. Washington & Greenwich Streets)

Youth Program Classes: St. Veronica Creative Cultural Center, 149 Christopher Street (between Washington & Greenwich Streets)

Boat Ride: Circle Line Marina, Pier 83, West 42nd St. at Hudson River

Tap Awards Show:  Thalia Theatre, Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway at 95th Street

Rhythm in Motion: Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway at 95th Street

Tap Future: (all Student Showcase): Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway at 95th Street

Tap it Out: Father Duffy Square/Times Square (see About Tap it Out)


Adult Program (Master Classes) students check in at the American Tap Dance Center, 154 Christopher Street #2B (between Greenwich and Washington Streets) on Saturday

Youth Program students and parents check in at the Youth Orientation, Monday, July 8, 9:00am at St. Veronica Creative Cultural Center, 149 Christopher St. (bet Washington & Greenwich Streets)

PPP students check in on Monday, July 8 at 9:15am at American Tap Dance Center, 154 Christopher Street #2B (Between Washington & Greenwich Streets)

Adult Program (Residencies) students check in between 9:00-9:30am, Monday, July 8 to get your Welcome Information and Festival ID at the Tap Central desk at Flamenco Arts Studios. The Tap Central desk is open every day of the Residencies at 9AM. Please wear your Festival ID tag to all classes and events at the Studios.


No video taping, audio taping, or photo taking during classes, rehearsals or performances.

You may bring a bottle of water into the studios. No food or drinks in the studios except for designated lunch events or areas.

Sorry - no observers allowed in any of the studios. (The guests you may see are Festival VIPs)

Please no tapping in the hallways - there are other non-tap rehearsals going on in the other studios.

SAFETY: All Festival venues are public spaces - do not leave your possessions unattended, ever. The New York City Tap Festival is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. Do not bring valuables to the studios or theater. Leave them at home or locked in a hotel safe.

HEALTH & INJURY PREVENTION:   Make this an optimal learning experience for yourself. Pace your self, drink lots of water, stretch out before and after classes, don't dance into pain, and pay attention to injuries.  

FOOT CARE & BLISTER PREVENTION:   Do not make the mistake of wearing new tap shoes to the festival. To avoid blisters, break in new shoes before you come to our festival. You will probably be dancing more hours and more intensely than you do usually, and many students get blisters even with normally comfortable, broken in tap shoes. Use band-aids, medical tape and moleskin (all available at any drugstore) to prevent blisters before they start.


What's the difference between a master class and a residency?
A master class meets once. In the 4-Day Adult Residencies students work for 4 days with a choreographer, at the same time period, to learn a work of tap repertory that will be performed at the All Student Showcase, Thursday, July 12. 
For more information about the Residencies and the Showcase please visit:
Performance Opportunities
mance Opportunities.

How do I know what level I am?
For the Adult Program and Master Classes, see the description of Levels below.  In the Adult Program, students select their level.  In the Pre-Professional Program, advanced students are selected by video audition.  In the Youth Program students will be placed in the appropriate group for their skill level based on their application video.

I'm not sure how to choose the right program for myself - any pointers?

All of our teachers are great, so in the Adult Program select a schedule based on your budget, time availability, level and stamina.  Read over the website and faculty bios, so that you have a good sense of our offerings. For a full-time Adult Program intensive experience we recommend selecting one to two Adult Residencies, and/or more master classes.  For a one-day Festival experience sign up for master classes on Saturday & Sunday.  Make sure to select the appropriate levels for your class choices.  The Adult Program and Master Class schedule is designed to give adult students many choices in selecting a range of styles and a satisfying learning experience.  Contact us if you need more info.

Adult Program and Master Class Levels (listed in order of most challenging to easiest):

ADV: Fast moving or challenging classes for advanced and professional tap dancers.

INT/ADV: Challenging classes for intermediate and advanced students.

INT: Challenging concepts and choreography for Intermediate level dancers.

SLOW INT: Slower paced classes that focus on intermediate choreography and concepts. In Slow Intermediate level, material will be broken down at an easier pace than in an Intermediate level class. Recommended for students who are already very comfortable with tap basics, time steps, paddle & roll, and are ready to move on to more challenging choreography and concepts.

MIX: Mixed level classes for advanced beginning, intermediate, advanced & professional dancers. Students will work at their own level. Material taught may allow students to work more deeply on moderately paced or challenging concepts.

ADV BEG: Advanced Beginning choreography and concepts broken down and taught at a moderate pace. Recommended for students who are comfortable with flaps, shuffles, time steps, paddle & roll. Excellent choice for dancers with just a few years' experience or older dancers who want to learn at a more relaxed pace.

I think I'm advanced, but I'm not sure:
All of our classes labeled ADV are fast moving or challenging classes for tap dancers with a high level of rhythm tap training and performance experience. Advanced level classes in our Youth and Pre-Professional Programs are as challenging as advanced classes in the Adult Program. If you have attended and felt satisfied by advanced classes in a major tap festival, or upper level adult tap classes at a New York studio such as Broadway Dance Center or Steps on Broadway, then the ATDF's advanced classes are the right level for you.

I think I’m intermediate or advanced beginner, but I’m not sure:

Intermediate level classes at Tap City are for dancers who are solidly comfortable with all of the basics of flaps, shuffles, shuffle-off-to-Buffalo, paddle ‘n’ roll, and time steps, and are ready for the next challenge.  Intermediate classes teach material at a more moderate pace.  Still not sure if you should choose intermediate or advanced?  Here’s a guide:  if you enjoy a challenge and working above your level, chose advanced.  If you prefer learning at an easier pace and feeling that you are able to perfect steps in class, chose intermediate.  Advanced Beginner level is an excellent choice for dancers who know the basics and have a few years experience or older dancers who want to learn at an easy pace.

I'm an older tap dancer, are there some slower paced comfortable classes for me?
The Advanced Beginner Residency is a great choice—the majority of the class will probably be over 30, and the class will perform at the Adult Showcase.  Intermediate Level and Mixed Level classes are also good choices.

What if I want to register, but I cannot get into the classes that I want?
All the classes are exciting and our teachers are wonderful. You will benefit from any selection. Select an alternate course or contact one of our Directors for advice on placement in another course. Next year, be sure to get your registration in early.

Do you have a wait list for classes?
No - if your choice is sold out, please select another class or contact us for advice.

Do you have any free classes for teachers?
Yes!  We have our Teachers Incentive. We offer free classes to teachers who bring 5 or more students to the festival.  You receive a discount off of your tuition based on a percentage of the classes taken by your students.  The more classes they sign up for, the bigger the teacher tuition discount. Contact for more information.

I have 2 or 3 children, is there a family discount on classes?
here is no discount on classes, but families save on the Registration Fee: the first student pays the $35 reg fee, each additional sibling, parent, or family member pays $5 reg fee. Make sure to register early! After June 5, 2018 the rates go up.

What if I don't like a course that I have signed up for? May I switch to a different class?
Please select your classes carefully; after June 5 there are no refunds. Students in the Youth Program, PPP, and Adult Residencies may request a change on the first day ONLY, and before the second day of classes begin, providing there is room in the alternate course of your choice.  Once you have attended your first class in any of our festival programs and you find that you have chosen the wrong level, please follow these steps:

  • Adult students should speak to the Tap City registrar about switching.
  • Youth & PPP students should speak to PPP and Education Director Susan Hebach.


Note: Most courses fill up before our festival begins and there is very little room for switching.  The Registrar can only consider one change, before the 2nd class begins.  Classes may be added at any point during the Festival (space permitting).

What if I decide to cancel?
Before June 5, 2018 students may cancel their registration in writing by email and receive a full refund minus the registration fee.  There are no refunds after June 5, 2018.


Do parents wait at the dance studio, or can I drop my child off?
Due to the size of the wait room, drop-off is preferred. Children may be collected after their last class of the day. For parents arriving late for pick-up, your child will be escorted to the wait area provided. We are not responsible for children left unattended outside of the Youth Program hours.

Can I be sure that my child is safe on his/her own?
Rest assured that we do everything to keep track of your special dancer.  Dancers in the Youth Programs are permitted to leave the building only with their parent/guardian. Each classroom will have a sign on the door letting your dancer know where he/she is supposed to be for each class, and there are lots of friendly Staff to help youngsters along. Attendance is taken for each class, and students are monitored.

I am OK with my child leaving the building, is that permitted?
If your dancer is allowed to be left on their own, he/she must be responsible and aware of his/her Tap City schedule, class and event locations and times. Parents will need to sign the "Youth Sign Out" sheet for those who are permitted to leave the building on their own.

What about snacks and lunch?
Parents should provide all Youth Program dancers with daily lunches, healthy snacks, fruit juices, water, energy bars etc. for a long day of dancing. Dancers in the Youth Program have lunchtime in a designated studio with staff supervision.

Whom should I tell my child has a medical problem or condition?
Please inform all of your child's instructors before each class, as to her/his specific needs, or instruct your child to do so.

Can I get discounted classes or family rates?
See the last few questions in the FAQ section above.

What if my child doesn't like his/her class?
See the last few questions in the FAQ section above.  We make every attempt to make sure that your child is placed correctly. Children who feel that they have signed up for a class that is too difficult, may be moved to an alternate class or level providing there is space in that class. Dancers are not permitted to switch classes for any other reason. The Registrar can only consider a possible change, immediately before or after the 1st class has been taken.


Do I need to buy tickets in advance for the Performances?
Yes! For friends and family advanced ticket purchases are required for the performance of Tap Future (the All Student Showcase).

Visit: Performances and Events for dates, times, prices and ticket ordering information. Student tickets are included in package tuition, see Registration Information for details.

Are there performances and events I should know about?

Yes! Visit: Performances and Events for updates and details.

Do I have to pay to see my child or friend perform?
Yes, and the performances often sells out!   We recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as they go on sale.

Can I video tape my child's performance?
No, cameras (of any kind) are permitted into the Theater.

I am a student who wants to perform at Tap City, can I get involved?
There are performance opportunities for all ages and all levels. In order to be eligible, you must be a registered participant of our festival. Go to Student Performance Opportunities
for details.