(Current as of September 15, 2019)

Welcome to the American Tap Dance Foundation Youth Program located at the American Tap Dance Center, 154 Christopher Street #2B (between Washington & Greenwich Streets in the West Village.  ATDF classes offer children and teens a chance to become immersed in tap culture. Classes focus on the fundamentals of rhythm tap, including clean technique, classic and contemporary tap repertory, and improvisation skills. Tap history, films, jazz music, and special guests deepen students’ appreciation of this great American art form. Our teachers bring decades of experience to the studio and create a warm, supportive and fun environment for learning.

About the American Tap Dance Foundation

The American Tap Dance Foundation, formerly the American Tap Dance Orchestra, is a New York City non-profit tap dance company founded in 1986 by master tap dancers Brenda Bufalino, Tony Waag, and the late Charles ‘Honi’ Coles. For 32 years the ATDF has been committed to establishing tap as a vital component of American Dance heritage by creating year-round performance opportunities, year-round educational programs, seasonal tap intensives, choreography residencies, the Tap Teacher Training Program, history and archival projects, film and lecture series. ATDF projects include Tap City – The New York City Tap Festival, Master Tap Intensives, the Tap City Youth Ensemble, year-round classes for Children, Teens and Adults, the Gregory Hines Youth Scholarship Fund. ATDF productions include Tap City Concerts and Tap City On Tour, Rhythm in Motion, the Tap City Youth Concert, New Tap Choreography Showcasse, and numerous other projects. Please visit to become familiar with the range of our programming.

About Your Teachers

ATDF teachers and staff bring decades of experience to our programming, wearing many hats as tap teachers, performers, choreographers, and administrators. Please visit and visit our faculty page to read about our talented roster of faculty and guest teachers.

How to contact us
For general information, you can reach reception at 646-230-9564. Here is a list of staff directory, for specific questions you can call and request to talk to staff, or send an email:

Registration/Tuition payment questions Liz Carroll:
Education Assistant Craig Fuchs:
Youth Program Director Susan Hebach:
Artistic/Executive Director Tony Waag:

How We Contact You
We do require that we have an address, a phone number, and emergency phone contact, and an email to use for contact for each family. We use Constant Contact, a mass email program, to send information about our Youth Program events & important information for parents—so please don’t opt out of this email program. These emails will alert you to studio closings in bad weather, remind you of holidays when were closed (and when we’re open for class on a holiday) and give you performance information that is essential for you to participate successfully. You may also receive ATDF emails regarding our performance and fundraising events, studio news, etc. But—WE NEED YOU TO RECEIVE AND READ our YOUTH EMAIL UPDATES. We often try to send home hard copy information regarding our youth performance events, just IN CASE parents don’t receive the email. So, if you are not receiving any emails from us, please let us know, and we’ll get you into our system.

Tuition Fees, Payment Plans , Discounts & Scholarships

Full Year Program: ATDF classes for children and teens are designed as a nine month program from mid-September through mid-June. Each class builds towards the end of the year, so that each student can progress over the months to more challenging technique, choreography, musical concepts, and classroom skills appropriate for her/his level. Please plan to make a full year commitment to your child’s tap class so that she/he has a satisfying learning experience.

Our major performance dates this year are:

• Tap City Youth Concert:
Saturday, May 9th, at Symphony Space
Our year end cumulating performance of the ATDF Youth Program. Please note stage rehearsals are mandatory, and held during the day before the show. Show time is estimated to be 7:30pm (or possibly 8pm). Start time will be confirmed in the spring.

Dance Parade:

Saturday, May 16th, NYC

All ATDC Students participate. Details to come.

About Tuition:
Tuition fees are based on the number of class sessions per season, and the length of class. The Young Rhythm Makers (YRM), Tap Fundamentals, Shim Sham Crew, and Copasetic Club classes are all one hour classes. Time Steps & Traditions and Hoofers & Hitters are all 1hr 15 min.

TCJE Prep, and TCJE rehearsals are 1.5 hours, and TCYE rehearsals are generally 4 hour rehearsals. Rates per hour for those rehearsals vary, as the higher the level, the more ATDF subsidizes the cost, to support those dancers whom dedicate the time and energy to be our ambassadors in the community.

About Additional fees:
Registration Fee: Every student pays a standard registration fee of $40, to cover administrative support for the season.
Concert Fee:  The Spring Concert features the students in ATDF classes.  All students who plan to perform in the Spring Concert pay the $75 Concert Fee. The fee covers a performance t-shirt, rental of the auditorium, hiring musicians, technical requirements for the performance.
TCYE Materials Fee: This $100 fee is ONLY FOR OUR TCYE dancers, and it is put toward material costs associated with the performing ensemble, such as costume parts, props, and other items. TCYE DOES NOT pay the $75 concert fee.

Family Registration Fee (one fee for all siblings):  $50
Family concert fee: $100
Sibling discount:  $100 off total for each additional sibling
Second class discount: $100 (for students taking an additional class per week)

Payment Plan: We make payment plans available to families to make paying tuition easier. Please indicate on your registration form if you want a payment plan, and our Registrar will send information. Please be aware that if you have opted for a payment plan, you are still making a commitment to the nine-month program. The registration fee and concert fee (total of $115) are due upon registration.

Tuition Due Dates:
Payment plan due dates:  Week of Sept. 12, Nov. 11 & Feb. 10
*Families who pay entire tuition in September (or before) receive a $100 discount off tuition.
Late payment Fee:  $25 charge on installment payments over 30 days late.

Refund Policy and Make-ups: There are no refunds for missed classes. Make-ups are at the discretion of your teacher. In some cases it may be possible to make up the missed class in the same level class on a different day, or by taking a class that is a level that is similar to the class that was missed. Please speak to your teacher for specific information, or email/speak to Susan directly:

Low Enrollment in a Class:
For performances, we may work to combine small classes (2-4 students) with another companion class for performances. If a class has only one dancer available for performance, this class may not perform in the larger show, but instead in the studio. A refund of the concert fee will be given to the family in this event. This is determined on a case by case basis by faculty and the director.

Withdrawing from the program: Refunds can be given on a case by case basis, prorated to the date you initiate withdrawal. Registration fees are non-refundable, and refunds to credit cards will be minus 3% processing fee.

Scholarships for Youth Classes: Available through the Gregory Hines Youth Scholarship Fund. This scholarship fund supports young dancers based on merit and or need, for 10%-80% of tuition. For scholarship requests families are asked to submit paperwork support of financial need, and recommendations from outside teachers, etc. Visit Scholarships at for a downloadable application. The deadline for scholarships for next season is May 5th, 2019.

Health & Medical Conditions: Please notify your teacher of any medical conditions that can affect your child’s participation in dance class. This includes severe allergies, injuries, recovery of injuries, medications that may affect behavior or physical capability of the student, etc.

Emergency Contact Information: We do ask that you fill out and “Emergency Contact” sheet so we have any list of allergies, asthma, etc. as well as an emergency number we can reach you in case of a problem. Please also provide contact #’s for whomever brings your dancer to class most regularly (sometimes a babysitter, grandparent, neighbor, etc.) As we update our records, we may contact you to update this information, so we have current records.


Absences: MAKE A COMMITMENT TO BE HERE FOR YOUR CLASS ON A REGULAR BASIS. If you know in advance that you’ll be absent (if your child is sick, or if you are traveling, etc.) please inform us by calling the office at 646-230-9564, or email Susan at and she can relay the information to your child’s teacher. If a student accrues too many absences, it may affect whether she/he may not be allowed to perform in the year end concert; it is up to the discretion of the teacher & Youth Program Director. Chronic absences generally make it difficult for a student to progress in learning, which can make class frustrating, and less enjoyable. So, plan to come for your class every week!

Promptness: Please plan to arrive to your class on time. Every minute of class is valuable and important. Promptness helps students focus and have a successful learning experience.

Bathrooms: Help your dancer focus by reminding her/him to use the bathroom before class.

Classroom Attire: Students should wear dance/athletic type clothes to class, such as dance pants, stretchy workout pants, leggings or shorts, with a t-shirt or leotard. All clothes must be comfortable and allow full range of movement. Skirts are not recommended. If a student wears a skirt to class, shorts, tights or leggings should be worn underneath. Please, no tight jeans or long pants that hang below the top of the shoe, no long sleeves that hang beyond the wrist, no over coats or bulky sweaters, no dressy clothes, and no hats.  Long hair should be pulled back away from the face.  Teenage girls should wear an appropriate sport/support undergarments as needed.

Food and Water: Help your child have a focused class experience: please make sure they eat breakfast, lunch, or a healthy snack before class. Select snacks are available for purchase at the front desk if you need to fuel up on the fly—for $1. Food is not allowed in the dance studios. Students may bring water bottles into the studio. Please label with student’s name.

Hallways: Please no tapping, running or loud voices in the hallway. There are other businesses in the building that prefer the halls to be quiet.

Classroom Behavior: Students are expected to show good classroom behavior appropriate for their age. Parents will be consulted if students exhibit ongoing disruptive behavior. Every effort will be made to understand the situation, and resolve the problem. If behavior issues cannot be resolved, the student may be asked to exit the program.

Progress, Concerns: Your teacher is happy to speak with you about your child at any point in the term. If you have questions or concerns, please email or speak to Susan, who will connect you with your teacher to have a conversation. Sometimes it is not possible for a teacher to answer questions between classes, as it keeps another group waiting. But we are all able to find time to communicate with parents and address issues when needed. Always speak up and ask questions, just realize it might take a moment to connect with your teacher directly and get a response.

Tap Shoe Information & Recommendation: Before you buy tap shoes please get information from your teacher about what type of shoes to purchase. We have printed information on shoes we recommend for purchase, you can request a copy at the front desk, or we can email it to you directly. The following tap shoes are not recommended: high heeled tap shoes, jazz/split soled tap shoes, tap sneakers or shoes with nails on the taps rather than screws.

Tap Shoe Exchange: Families may bring out-grown tap shoes in good condition to swap for a pair that fits from our Tap Shoe Exchange Bins. Scholarship students who cannot afford to buy shoes may borrow a pair of tap shoes for the school year and return them in June. Speak to reception team for details.

What Not to Bring Into the Tap Studio: Jewelry can be dangerous if it hits another dancer, falls off, or gets caught—please no bracelets, watches, rings, pins or dangling earrings. No chewing gum or eating in the class. For very young students: strollers should remain in the hall and please ask your young dancer to leave toys or stuffed animals outside of the studio.

Valuables and Safety: Please leave anything truly valuable at home. Items such as mobile phones, etc., can be brought inside a backpack inside the studio during class if needed. The American Tap Dance Foundation is not responsible for lost or stolen possessions.

Parent Observations: Occasionally teachers may invite parents into the studio to observe the last 5 minutes of class. We have created a performance opportunity in December to serve for added fun and celebration, which is our “ATDF Youth Holiday Showcase” which is designed to be our “observation” period—so parents, family and friends can some see what students have been working on in class.

End of Season Concert: All tap classes perform in the Tap City Youth Concert. The date is Saturday, June 8th at Symphony Space, Broadway and 95th Street. The $75 concert fee per family covers a simple costume, auditorium rental, hiring live musicians and our special guest tap artist. Additional tickets may be purchased directly from the Symphony Space box office after May 1, 2019.

Bad Weather/Closings & Cancellation Policies: Tap class is cancelled on the weekdays that the NY City Public schools close for severe weather. On Saturday and Sundays, families will be notified by email by 8:30am if class is cancelled that day due to severe weather.

Special Programs for Our Youth Program: To inspire our dancers, we generally encourage that students and families attend tap dance performances and events. We will inform you of upcoming opportunities that you might enjoy attending. This season we have a new initiative, called “Tap Exploration”. This is a family fun series that is curated by the ATDF, to explore the rich and divers world of tap dance. We will feature a variety of guest artists in residence, The Tap City Youth Ensemble, film clips, discussions, and demonstrations about the history of tap dance, and some audience participation. Expect a feast of rhythm and ideas, fun for the whole family. These events are FREE to students and families of the ATDF.

Stay tuned for more dates to come!